Fury Volleyball Club


We are an alternative Volleyball Club, that prides ourselves on seeing the athletes as individuals and not customers, that fill our wallets, our goal is to provide training to our athletes that will allow them to achieve their greatest potential as an individual and as a team player. The Fury strives to make club volleyball a positive experience through positive coaching. We want each athlete as well as their family to walk away at the end of our season having had a productive and exciting playing experience. We expect each athlete to give us a 100% as we will strive to provide the same
Fury Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for young athletes to participate in the sport and belong to a club that will help them develop strong fundamentals, integrity in our sport, develop strong characters as well as self confidence, and respect for coaches and other athletes. We will also help them develop their endurance and strength, and mind sense, in order for them to reach their greatest potential, all while making new friends and sharing their love of the game
Fury Volleyball Club established in 2008, was formed to offer girls and boys who can, and want to compete at the club level, in an intense and competitive atmosphere, but focus remains on Family and the athlete not the coaches goals.
We are an elite level volleyball club in the city and practice in the River-East / Transcona and St.Vital area; All of our teams will be entering into the Manitoba Provincial Championship  
As coaches we all have different philosophies and coaching styles. Within the Fury organization we have one philosophy that is understood and
will be practiced by each coach, and that is ever athlete on the team will receive playing time during tournaments. No one athlete will not be provided with some time during each tournament to play with the team.
During tournament playoffs, Provincial tournaments and National Tournaments it is up to the coaches discretion how much playing time each athlete will receive. Some coaches will maintain the fair play philosophy, however, it is not made mandatory. Please keep in mind, your time may not all come at exactly the same time or during the same matches, but stats will be kept to make sure that each athlete “in good standing”, will be given equal playing time. In good standing, let me explain this means athletes that make it to practice on time, do not miss mandatory practices, makes it to at least two non-mandatory practices/month, and carry a positive attitude and carry out each task given with commitment and pride. In order for an athlete to participate within the Fury organization they must have a strong dedication to teamwork, personal and team skill development, good sportsmanship and a strong respect for coaches and other athletes.
Fury Volleyball Club will remain non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.